Apologies for the silence!

Hi all!


First of all, I’d like to apologize for the silence the past year. Last year I got pregnant and suffered from terrible morning sickness, leaving me unable to do anything for a while. After the baby was born I didn’t have much time either for obvious reasons. Thankfully both the baby and me are fine and she’s been such a joy =)

With that out of the way I’d like to let you know I did not forget about Pullip Home. I still plan to continue  the site and after we move house in a month I hope to have more time to dedicate to the site. I hope to see you all soon here with fresh new updates!

Photo of the Week – week 46


This week’s photo of the week is made by the lovely Kalea-chan! Her name is Louve and she is a full custom MIO tan made by Kalea-chan herself. Louve’s eyelashes are stunning and we love the touch of mint green on her eyelids, which matches her eyes very well. And don’t you just love those dark red lips?

Pullip Optical Alice, Dal Dana and Isul Caros

It’s that time of the month again: Groove has announced new dolls! These are the first dolls announced for 2017!

Optical Alice

opticalaliceFirst up we have Pullip Optical Alice. That’s right, a new Alice series! This Alice features striking red, white and black tones with dazzling patterns on her apron and dress. Her outfit is quite similar to other Alice dresses, style-wise, but the colors and pattern are striking. She has a white wig and sparkling eyes! We’re not quite sure if we’re all that exited about yet another Alice series, but Alice seems a firm part of the Pullip world.

Dal Dana

danaThe next two dolls, Dana and Caros, are a set inspired by the Princess and the Frog fairy tale. We’re so happy to see Groove releasing more dolls inspired by fairy tales, just like Hansel & Gretel earlier this year.

Dana is the lovely princess and she is wearing just the most stunning dress. With off-white, green and gold tones it is absolutely gorgeous and very detailed with a lot of bows and lace. Her faceup is very sweet and her blue eyes make this Dal look more innocent than usual.

Isul Caros

carosIsul Caros is the prince who got turned into a frog. This is done quite well in his outfit: he is wearing a very princely suit with bloomers and a cape, but also has gloves and a hat that resemble a frog. His outfit is just as detailed as Dana’s, but has slightly darker colors. You can remove the frog pieces but also the top part of his outfit separately so he can wear his blouse loose as well.

Dana and Caros match each other very well and are a lovely set indeed.

Are you planning on getting any of the new dolls?