About us

Hi all!

We’re a bunch of Pullip enthusiasts who met on the Pullip Fiction forum long ago. We run Pullip Home together and here’s a little about us, if you’re interested in who runs this place!


Hi! I first discovered Pullip in 2006 when I fell in love with Raphia thanks to a photo posted on a My eyesLittle Pony forum, but I only got my first doll in 2009. This girl was Nina, although Raphia soon became my second Pullip! My collection now contains 21 Pullips – I sold all my other Groove dolls due to space limitations.
My favourite thing about Pullip is photography – it is so much fun to take out a doll and to try and capture different emotions. Pullip is such a versatile doll and one doll can be used for both happy and sad photos!
I recently discovered I also really enjoy sewing, although I’m not very good at it yet. It’s so much fun to learn all these little skills which are also useful in other parts of life, all thanks to Pullip.
I absolutely love the Pullip community – most people are so sweet and fun to talk with. There’s so much positive energy and people help each other out a lot. I have made a few friends thanks to Pullip and I treasure that more than anything else in the hobby!

Hey, I’m DoubleO. I’m from the UK and am currently a history student at university. I found Pullips in 2010 when I saw Pullip Angelique after watching the anime Neo Angelique Abyss. I thought she was beautiful and after a friend of mind bought a pullip, I got my first pullip in 2011.
My favourite doll in my collection is a tie between Pullip Street and Pullip Uncanricky. I have 8 dolls – 5 pullips, 1 byul, 1 taeyang, and 1 dal. I like my small collection and each doll is special to me.
My favourite thing about the hobby is how many other hobbies it actually incorporates! After getting my first doll, I learned how to sew, improved my photography skills, and it definitely sparked a more creative side of me that I didn’t know I had!

Hi, I’m Mizarvs, a literature teacher and writer from Mexico. I started collecting pullips since 2007, after watching the Rozen Maiden anime and finding the Rozen dolls. I grew up from anime, but not from dolls so, let’s just say I have a big, ever-growing collection. I love the hobby for the friends I’ve made, and for the things I’ve learnt, like english, crochet, sewing and human make up.

Hi everyone! Thank you for checking out our website!12032839743_39d516294e_m
My name is Chyntia and I live in Holland! I only discovered Pullips in December 2012 via one of my best friends! Like most doll lovers I was head over heels –  I have a current collection of 30dolls, mainly Pullips . I love how different every doll is and also the fact that a group of people can all own the same doll but it still looks different and has its own personality! I am also very fond of sewing and like to be creative in more than one way- I am a huge Postcrossing nerd and love memory keeping!
The huge plus that comes with collecting Pullips is the big community! There is always something to do on one of the various forums and we all love to take photos and participate in small contest – plus everybody is super kind and helpful!