Most Popular Pullip

Hi all!

We have done some research on which Pullip dolls appear to be most popular at this moment. While all Pullip dolls are special and often very different from each other, some dolls manage to have a greater appeal than others. We thought it’d be fun to highlight 5 of these dolls and to try and figure out why these are so looked after!

Pullip MerlPullip Merl

First up is the ridiculously cute Pullip Merl. It’s no wonder she managed to capture the hearts of so many doll enthusiasts; her blue eyes really draw you in and she comes with the most wonderful sailor outfit. She was also released as a My Select doll and she was re-released later as Merl Nostalgia version, who wore a red outfit instead of a blue one.

Merl is both a very cute and very versatile Pullip. Her stock outfit is wonderful but she also looks really good in red, white and grey clothes, but pastel purple looks great and matches her eyeshadow as well. Wigs in many colors suit her very well; we’ve seen her look really great in blonde and grey wigs. When rewigged she manages to both look very different and still like a Merl.

Pullip KiyomiPullip Kiyomi

Pullip Kiyomi has been very popular ever since she was released in 2012. She comes in an adorable pastel outfit with a large fluffy hat, but we think it’s her sweet and versatile faceup that makes her so appealing. She has elaborate eyelashes and thick eyebrows which really make her stand out, especially when combined with her glittery golden eyes!

Because her faceup is so neutral, Kiyomi looks great in almost any clothes. She has some pink accents in her eyeshadow which gives her a slightly more mature look. We’ve seen her look good in almost any kind of wig and rechipping her can make her look like a completely different doll, although we’re not sure we’d ever want to get her out of those stunning stock chips she comes with!

Pullip TiphonaPullip Tiphona

Pullip Tiphona was created in 2010 in collaboration with Innocent World, a lolita clothing brand which makes the most wonderful outfits. Tiphona’s outfit is no exception as it is very elaborate and filled with cute details. The green tones work so well together with each other and with the colors used on the doll, that she’s an amazing sight to see as a stock doll.

Because of the soft colors of her faceup and wig, she looks great in many other outfits. A rewig of this girl can give her a completely different look depending on the style and color of the wig used; we’ve found that a straight wig can make her look a lot more mature. Natural colors look great on this girl, and so do pastels.

Pullip Bloody Red HoodPullip Bloody Red Hood

Pullip Bloody Red Hood has been popular ever since she was first released. She was one of the first Creator’s Label dolls and her sweet gothic look was really quite different from what we’d seen so far when she came out. Her outfit may look simple in photos, but it is actually very detailed and very well made. It can be worn in many different ways (without the skirt, without the cape, with only part of the skirt…) giving her a lot of different looks right out of the box.

Her wine red wig is very smooth and is a beautiful color indeed. Because her faceup manages to be both sweet and gothic, she appeals to plenty of doll lovers. Her sparkly thick lips give her a slightly more mature look. She’s a great girl for outdoor photography, too!

Pullip Hatsune MikuPullip Miku

Pullip Miku is obviously very popular because she’s based on the main character of the Vocaloid series. She’s so popular in fact that there are no less than 4 versions of her: Hatsune Miku, Snow Miku, LOL Miku and Sakura Miku, in addition to the 5 other Vocaloid dolls. As Vocaloid is so popular, it’s no wonder this doll is as well and we wouldn’t be surprised if there are quite some fans who first got into Pullip thanks to this girl!

Even if you’re not a Vocaloid fan though, there’s plenty to like about this doll. Her teal wig and faceup is a stunning colour which makes her stand out on any shelf. Her face is very sweet and while it may not be the most versatile because of the colors used, she is still a gorgeous girl who has a lot of appeal.


What do you think of these five dolls? Is your favourite among them, or do you prefer another doll entirely?