Pullip shop Jolie Doll in Paris!

Our editor Chyntia made a little trip to Paris this April and visited the Jolie Doll shop while she was there! She wrote this little report to give you an idea of what this lovely little shop is like!

ISAM_3674n April I had the chance to visit ‘Jolie doll shop’ in Paris! Jolie Doll is a real life Pullip store that sells Pullip dolls and accessories, both made by Groove and made by local Pullip enthusiasts. They have a wonderful store with a broad range of products.

They moved to a new shop location about three years ago and it looks amazing. The store is bigger than their previous store and it’s filled with all the latest releases and lots of outfits!

Pullip Jolie DollThe shop has a huge window and they have an amazing display with dolls such as the newest releases but also custom dolls and wonderful props such as a Pullip-sized bike. This must be my favourite part of the shop! It’s also a real eye catcher for people passing by. They update the display regularly to suit the season, during my visit the display had an spring theme. The store is decorated with wonderful prints of doll photos which give the store a lovely atmosphere.
The store has a huge collection of Pullip, Dal and other members of the Groove family; they had many popular dolls such as Tiphona and Hatsune Miku but also many newer releases like The Fox. I was surprised to see they have a large selection of J-dolls, too. It is great to see so many dolls in real life as it makes it so much easier to get a good impression of the dolls compared to just seeing photos online.

SAM_3672What makes this store really special, though, is the many different styles of clothes and accessories they have for sale. The shop sells clothes made by many designers both big and small, meaning that there is loads of variety; cute pastel dresses, leather shoes, tops and shirts but also knitted hats and bags. They also sell doll magazines and for example a bag with their logo on it, which is really cute.

As the doll shop is very close to the centre of Paris it is very easy to find; subway station Charonne (line 9) is just around the corner. The staff is very friendly and helpful.

If you ever find yourself near or in Paris be sure to visit ‘Jolie doll shop’ it’s an amazing opportunity to see dolls in real life and talk to other collectors who are visiting the store! In the meantime you could always visit their online shop at www.joliedoll.net . Please note their online store only has a small selection of their custom made clothes and accessories!


Yummy Sweet Dolls Raffle!

Hi all!

Pullip Custom Connie BeesThis morning we’d like to spread the word about a raffle hosted by Connie Bees, the amazing customizer who was our artist of the month in January.

Connie Bees is hosting a raffle for her beautiful custom Charity. You can have a chance at winning this girl by donating to the YWCA Richmond, which does wonderful work for women and minorities. By buying a $10 ticket you will support their work and have a chance at winning the gorgeous Charity!

You can enter by following these steps:

  1. Follow or like Yummy Sweets Dolls on Facebook.
  2. Donate at least $10 to ywcarichmond.org/support. Every $5 is worth a raffle ticket, so you’ll instantly have two! Please note donating can be done via paypal or credit card.
  3. After your donation you will receive an email confirmation. Forward this to yummysweetsdolls@gmail.com so Connie Bees has confirmation of your participation in the raffle.

Please note a winner will be announced March 15th, so be sure to make your donation before that if you choose to participate!

Pullipworld Shop Opening

group6 (3 of 14)Saturday December 19th 2015 The webshop Pullipworld opened their brick & mortar store for the first time. Chyntia and I paid the shop a little visit during their opening event!

Pullipworld opened their digital doors this summer and is one of the few Pullip distributors in the Benelux, so naturally we were excited that they were going to open a real store! Pullipworld is located in Lennik, a town just outside Brussels, Belgium. While it is very easy to reach by car, getting there by public transport might be a bit more difficult. Unfortunately we both traveled by car so we can’t tell you how long this would take.

group6 (4 of 14)We were greeted by a lovely sign with the Pullipworld logo on the driveway. While the store is a bit out of the village center, it’s quite easy to find. The store has a very pleasing ambiance with blue and yellow tones. Small hot air balloons were used as decoration which give the store a colorful and playful atmosphere. Dolls are displayed beautifully on white shelves with plenty of space, so you can look at each doll individually without having to move others aside. When you’re looking for a new addition to your doll family it’s very nice to browse all the different dolls, but even just window shopping is a lot of fun! We saw a lot of dolls we hadn’t seen in real life before, which is a huge benefit when looking for a new doll, as dolls often do look very different from their stock photos. There were even a few dolls displayed outside of their boxes so you could get a closer look, like Eve Sweet and Alice Du Jardin Pink.

group6 (7 of 14)Aside from dolls, the store has a selection of designer outfits for your dolls, as well as a small selection of obitsu bodies. Not only does the store feature official Groove outfits, but they also have a small selection of outfits made by other seamstresses like Generation Pullip. This selection was still small, but the shop owners told us that they are planning to expand this section by adding more collections of clothes but also shoes and other accessories. We’re very excited to see what will be added to the store as browsing outfits is one of the most fun parts! Hopefully new additions will be announced on their website or facebook page so we can keep an eye out!

group6 (1 of 14)Another benefit of visiting a ‘real’ store is meeting other collectors. Aside from events like Dolliverse, there aren’t many places to meet up with fellow Pullip collectors in these corners of Europe, so it’s great to know there is a place where we can meet up and enjoy our hobby. The store features a large table with comfortable chairs so we can show our own dolls and where people can talk. During this opening event I met a few other collectors and admired their dolls. It was so much fun to just talk with others about our favorite dolls!

With this much space available, Pullipworld has a great location for Pullip events. I’m not sure if these are planned, but I can imagine there could be workshops on customizing or even meetups or meet & greets with famous artists from the Pullip community. If they would facilitate such events I would most definitely be interested!

Don’t hesitate to bring along friends or family who might not be into the Pullip hobby as much as you. There’s a small play section for children and a comfortable couch with some magazines for your parents or friends, so they don’t have to be bored while you browse the store.

group6 (12 of 14)I had a lovely afternoon visiting Pullipworld meeting other collectors and admiring all those lovely dolls. During the opening event we were treated to amazing cookies and drinks. The first 50 customers also received a gift with their purchase; a little pullip doll! I highly recommend visiting their store. For me it was a 2 hour drive but it was definitely worth it, and I will most certainly go back next year when their selection of outfits & accessories has expanded.

Pullipworld is open on Saturdays from 1PM-6PM and by appointment. You can find them here:

Cottemstraat 30
B-1750 Sint-Martens-Lennik
Tel. +32 475 46 21 37


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