Pullip Optical Alice, Dal Dana and Isul Caros

It’s that time of the month again: Groove has announced new dolls! These are the first dolls announced for 2017!

Optical Alice

opticalaliceFirst up we have Pullip Optical Alice. That’s right, a new Alice series! This Alice features striking red, white and black tones with dazzling patterns on her apron and dress. Her outfit is quite similar to other Alice dresses, style-wise, but the colors and pattern are striking. She has a white wig and sparkling eyes! We’re not quite sure if we’re all that exited about yet another Alice series, but Alice seems a firm part of the Pullip world.

Dal Dana

danaThe next two dolls, Dana and Caros, are a set inspired by the Princess and the Frog fairy tale. We’re so happy to see Groove releasing more dolls inspired by fairy tales, just like Hansel & Gretel earlier this year.

Dana is the lovely princess and she is wearing just the most stunning dress. With off-white, green and gold tones it is absolutely gorgeous and very detailed with a lot of bows and lace. Her faceup is very sweet and her blue eyes make this Dal look more innocent than usual.

Isul Caros

carosIsul Caros is the prince who got turned into a frog. This is done quite well in his outfit: he is wearing a very princely suit with bloomers and a cape, but also has gloves and a hat that resemble a frog. His outfit is just as detailed as Dana’s, but has slightly darker colors. You can remove the frog pieces but also the top part of his outfit separately so he can wear his blouse loose as well.

Dana and Caros match each other very well and are a lovely set indeed.

Are you planning on getting any of the new dolls?

New releases December 2016: Pullip Katrina and Taeyang ReonHARDT

It’s that time of the month again: new doll announcements! While Groove has not officially announced them yet, both dolls are already available on Pullip.net.

Pullip Katrina

p193detailLet’s start with the Pullip. Pullip Katrina is a classy girl! With her large hat and fur coat, she is wearing a very stylish outfit. Underneath her coat she’s wearing a long purple gown, which of course can be worn seperately. Her long dark blonde hair really stands out. Her faceup and eyechips remind us of some older dolls from the Type 3 era, which is a nice break with the more cute girls we’ve seen the past few years. It also looks like her skin tone is tan, a color not seen on regular releases often.

Pullip Katrina looks more mature than most other Pullip releases, thank to her outfit and faceup. She’s really quite different from what we have seen so far. We just really hope the coat is made from fake fur, as Groove has been doing so well with not using real fur for years now.

Taeyang ReonHARDT

t259detailWell, that’s one funky name for sure and for someother reason it reminds us of Taeyangfold. Taeyang ReonHARDT is a companion to Katrina and like her, he is dressed very stylishly. He is wearing a brown suit with stripes, giving him a very mature look. Underneath his suit he wears a dark brown gilet with a flower pattern on the fabric. He is wearing a light blue shirt, but it is a bit hard to tell from the photos if this can be worn seperately from the gilet. It probably can, but we can’t tell for sure.

He also has a more traditional faceup with very dark eyes and red lips. His grey wig is styled in a traditional men’s hairdo, completing his overall look. It’s good to see a Taeyang that is wearing a more normal outfit, compared to the steampunk and fantasy designs we’ve seen the past few years.


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New releases: Pullip Lupinus and Dal Quince!

Nope, we did not forget about these two lovely girls in our summer recaps! However, as these two are the most recent announcements and because we feel they’re pretty special, we decided to give them a bit of the spotlight and they’re our first ‘normal’ new releases post since summer!

Lupinus and Quince are a matching set designed by Silver Butterfly, a Japanese designer who has previously worked on Pullip Galene and Taeyang Natsume. this means that these dolls are part of the Creator’s Label series.


Pullip Lupinus

lupinusObviously, we have to start with the eyes. Both Lupinus and Quince feature something that we haven’t seen on an official release so far: pupil-less eyes. Her pink eyes are striking and very sparkly: they appear to be very detailed and they remind us of gemstones.

Even apart from her eyes, Lupinus is a gorgeous release as well. She is wearing a grey and Ivory maid outfit with long separate sleeves and stockings. She has a large bonnet in white and grey which features loads of lace and two ribbons. To complete her outfit she is wearing a grey cape and she comes with a large bag.

She has large lips but an otherwise simple faceup, which only helps to make her eyes stand out even more.

Dal Quince

quinceLike Lupinus, Quince features striking, pupil-less eyes. Her eyes are more peach than Lupinus’ but feature the same design. In Dal’s smaller head, they seem to pop out even more!

Quince is wearing a very cute peach dress with Ivory details like a large bow around her waist. She is wearing a lovely cape and a very large peach colored bonnet which matches her dress perfectly. She is wearing brown boots and comes with a bag just like Lupinus.

Her dark brown hair curls up at the bottom giving it a lot of volume. Her lips almost appear to be pearly and are very gorgeous indeed.


The combination of their extraterrestrial eyes and her down to earth maid outfit instantly make us wonder who she is and what their story is! Is Lupinus Quince’s maid who is accompanying her on her trip to earth? Are they fairies trying to blend in with humankind, or were they normal humans exposed to a supernatural substance? What do you think?

The great Dal, Isul and Taeyang recap!

Hi Guys!

We’re back for our second (and final) recap of the summer releases, featuring all Dal, Isul and Taeyang releases we’ve seen this summer. To be honest, we were pleasantly surprised to see how many non-Pullip dolls Groove has announced! After a period of almost Pullip-only releases, it’s refreshing to see them give their other lines attention.



hohoAccompanying Pullip Ha-Ha (see previous post) is Dal Ho-Ho. Like Ha-Ha, Ho-Ho is inspired by simmer. Her pink and blue outfit is perfect for those lovely summer days and she, too, comes with a very frilly bikini which can be worn separately from the rest of her outfit. She also comes with blue, heart-shaped sunglasses, two headbands, a little toy and what appears to be a flower-like hair accessory.

Her long blonde hair is styled in ringlets and her eyes and eyeshadow are ocean blue, with lovely large hearts. All in all this is a very sweet Dal release without being over the top, and she and Ha-Ha make a great set.

Dal Ho-Ho is already available!


denebDal Deneb will be released with Taeyang Albireo to celebrate the Taeyang and Dal 10th anniversary, which is this year. Brother and sister are dressing up for a masquarade ball. Deneb’s gorgeous white outfit comes with a mask and has silver details on the dress. She is wearing very cute silver shoes and comes with a gorgeous headband.

Her dark blonde hair is styled in beautiful curls. Her faceup has very soft features which matches her outfit very well.

Deneb will be available in October!


alpinDal Alpin is inspired by the Alps, and it shows! Her outfit reminds us of a traditional Swiss or Austrian outfit and even her name matches the theme. The red top part of the dress can be removed so that she has a black dress as well, effectively giving her two outfits to wear.

Her dark brown hair is in braids and thanks to her long lower lashes her green eyes are striking. She’s supposed to be a set with Isul Eder.

Dal Alpin will be available in October.



ederIsul Eder is the first Isul to be released since Hansel and is a set with Dal Alpin. He too features an Austrian/Swiss/southern German theme. He’s wearing a long white coat with plenty of red and green details. There are little flowers embroidered on the black bands of his coat, a lovely little detail which matches Alpin’s dress. Without the coat, Eder wears a lovely white blouse and a red jacket which is a lovely combination as well, giving him multiple options like Alpin.

His blonde hair is quite long and features a braid on the side. His faceup is otherwise pretty basic, which is good because his outfit and hair are already so detailed it might have become too much.

Eder will be released in October 2016!



albireoAlbireo is the single Taeyang release this summer and he’s released alongside of Dal Deneb to celebrate his and Dal’s 10th anniversary. His outfit is mostly black with some silver and gold details. Like his sister he comes with an elaborate headpiece and a mask which are both inspired by black swans. The headpiece is more like a crown.

To match his darker outfit Albireo has pretty dark eyes which really stand out. He has gorgeous teal-colored eyes.

Taeyang Albireo will be released in October!

The great Pullip recap!

Hello everyone!


First of all, sorry about our absence this summer. Yours truly was faced with some bad medical news which, alongside preparing my wedding, left little to no room for dolls. The wedding is now over (it was lovely! Best day of my life would be an understatement) and the medical news seems to be getting its place in my life, so I have some space for dolls again. I will slowly try to pick up some things for the website, but be aware that updates might still be a bit slow at times.

This summer, Groove announced and released a large amount of dolls. Let’s start by recapping which dolls we have missed! I will dedicate this post to Pullip only, and a later post will recap the Dal, Taeyang and Isul releases.

Wonder Woman Dress Version

wonderwoman-2016Groove surprised us by announcing two Comic Con San Diego exclusives this year, after skipping the event in 2015.

Both girls are based on characters from DC and have been released as Pullip dolls before, but are unique enough to be worthy of their own release!

Wonder Woman Dress version is a wonderful girl wearing an elaborate dress inspired by the Wonder Woman character. Her dark hair and bright lips truly make her stand out.

Wonder Woman Dress Version is now available!

Harley Quinn Dress Version

harley2016The second DC Comic Con exclusive is based on the Harley Quinn character, which is now really popular thanks to the Suicide Squad movie.

Like Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn comes in an elaborate dress inspired by her outfits from the movies, series and comics. It has a lot of frill and she also comes with a mask. Her wig features black and red stripes.

Her face is very pale, and like with the original Harley Quinn release the pale color is only featured on the front of her face, making this girl not very versatile.

Harley Quinn Dress Version is now available!


hahaPullip Ha-Ha is quite the summer girl! Not only does she come in the blue checkered jumpsuit, she also comes with a frilly bikini and a pair of wonderful sunglasses. She also has lovely large hearts in her eyes which are sure to enchant you. This release is quite basic compared to some other releases we’ve seen the past few years but that is part of Ha-Ha’s charm; she reminds us of simpler days when Pullip releases were more down to earth and casual.

Pullip Ha-Ha was released together with Dal Ho-Ho and is already available to brighten up your fall days!


ameliaPullip Amelia is a very special release indeed! She’s not only Pullip Style‘s second exclusive (the first one was Froggy), but she was designed by Ichigo Klein and RequiemArt, two American designers/collectors.

Keeping in mind costs so that she wouldn’t be too expensive like some other new releases, these women have designed a wonderful and unique doll. Her bunny/pilot theme is visible in all the details (don’t you just love those goggles?), and her ears can be worn on her cap or loose. Her color scheme is bold but seems to fit together so well.

This lovely girl is now available exclusively on Pullip Style!

Queen Serenity

serenityIn case you thought Groove was done with Sailor Moon, think again! In June, Queen Serenity was announced.

She is wearing a white angelic like outfit befitting her queen status and comes with lovely wings.  Her faceup is pretty simple, in line with what we’ve become used to with Sailor Moon dolls.

Her wig is styled in the standard Sailor Moon way and her face features the crescent moon we’ve seen on previous releases.

Queen Serenity was released in August!


bonniePullip Bonnie is something else indeed; don’t be deceived by her cute appearance! Underneath her cute frilly bunny outfit she is wearing a sexy playgirl outfit. Her full lips and long lashes give this girl a wonderful and slightly mature look. She reminds us of Pullip Aya with both her outfit and her faceup. She comes with a rabbit plush toy.

Pullip Bonnie will be available in September.


mariePullip Marie is a collaboration with Angelic Pretty, a brand which we know from previous collaborations resulting in Pulips Sfoglia and Prupate. She is released to celebrate Angelic Pretty’s 15th anniversary and is wearing a doll-sized version of one of their human dresses.

Marie’s entire outfit is elaborate and comes with loads of little details, from the flowers on her headdress to the puffs on her shoes. She has full lips and her brown hair comes in little ringlets. A gorgeous release to celebrate the anniversary of this special brand!

Pullip Marie will be available in September.

Mistress 9

mistress9The second Sailor Moon Pullip announced this summer is Mistress 9.

Mistress 9 is inspired by Sailor Saturn and it shows: the two dolls share a similar faceup. Mistress 9 is slightly more mature and of course comes in a completely different outfit.

The materials used on the outfit look a bit basic and leaves us wondering if they couldn’t have done a bit more of an elaborate job on her, but she does fit in with the other Sailor Moon dolls.

Mistress 9 will be released on October.

Veritas Special Edition

veritasspecialThis girl is a slightly odd release. As you recall, Groove released Pullip Deep Crimson Veritas as part of their premium line earlier this year. Now AGA, which is the brand which designs Pullip (so not Groove) has announced this new Veritas version, who wears a brown version of the Veritas outfit and has a mocha skin tone. Her hair is white with a blue streak.

The catch? There are only 50 of her produced and she is priced at $450 . Yikes. She sure is a special version of Veritas and it is amazing to see a darker skinned doll, but she is priced very steeply, especially considering she’s just a recolor of a doll which already had 2 releases.

Veritas Special Edition will be available in September.

Cheshire Cat in Steampunkworld

cheshirecatsteampunkWe were slightly surprised, but very exited when we saw Groove had announced yet another addition to their lovely Steampunk Alice line! Based on the Cheshire Cat character, Pullip Cheshire Cat in Steampunkworld stands out from the other Steampunk releases with her bright red hair. Her outfit features the same stripes and gears we’ve seen on the other Steampunk releases and her faceup manages the craziness of the character beautifully.

Pullip Cheshire Cat in Steampunkworld will be available in October.


taffyPullip Taffy continues the trend of more unique dolls that we’ve seen so far this year. Taffy looks like a girl inspired by hippie culture, with her own special twist. Her outfit features lovely fabric with gorgeous blue, brown and white details. She comes with both a headband and a large hat and a separate white lace vest.

Her faceup stands out because of her two tones eyelashes and subtle peach eye shadow. And let’s not overlook her long, gorgeous wig!

Pullip Taffy will be released in October.

New Pullip: Super Sailor Moon!

Pullip Super Sailor MoonIt seems like we’re not completely done with the Sailor Moon dolls just yet as Groove has just announced Pullip Super Sailor Moon!

If you recall, the first Sailor Moon doll was released in 2014. This version of the character has a more elaborate outfit with white and pink, made from the same faux leather as the other sailor moon outfits. The button on her front is very decorated and she has a crescent moon on her forehead. She has a large white bow on her back and white decorations in her hair.

She is due for a release in July 2016. A premium version with a school outfit is exclusively available from Bandai.

Second new Pullip doll announced today: Pullip Very Berrypop!

verryberryYet another new Pullip was announced today on Hobby Search Japan. This girl appears to be a Groove exclusive and not a collaboration. Her name is Very Berrypop and she’s wearing a lovely berry-themed red and white outfit. We’re reminded of older fruit themed releases like Dita! Her hair is styled in 2 pigtails with an abundance of curls and some berries to hold them together. Her red and white shoes are absolutely cute.

She’s due for a release in June 2016 as well.

New Premium Pullip announced: Veritas Deep Crimson version!

veritas deep crimson pullipThanks to Magma Heritage, the Premium Pullip for June has been spotted! This month, Groove has decided to release an older model: Veritas from 2007. Where the original doll had wine red hair and a green-blue outfit, this new version is blonde and her outfit is red, giving her her name ‘Veritas Deep Crimson version’. The fabric of her outfit appears to have a subtle pattern and she comes with a telescope just like the original. While her outfit and wig appear to be very different in shade and color, her faceup does seem to give her the same attitude the original had. She has some gold tones above her eyes. Also, her name is written on her eyelids!

This release appears to have no fur in the outfit unlike the original, but does seem to include real feathers.

More on this new release as we hear it!

ALICE and the PIRATES, baby the stars shine bright doll clothes

Hi everyone!

AandthePThis morning Groove announced the sale of not a new doll, but a new doll outfit made in collaboration with ALICE and the PIRATES. This brand was also responsible for popular releases like Nella and Johan and of course the brand new The Little Prince series.

They have announced two sets: a darker set with a lovely dress and a black lace top (pictured on the right). The dress has a wonderful pattern and the set comes with a headpiece.

In addition another set has been announced which was made in collaboration with BABY THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT, the brand who collaborated on releases such as La Robe Vert Clair. This is a pastel set which comes in either pink or blue. this set also comes with a headpiece.

It seems neither sets comes with shoes or socks.These sets seem to retail for about E78/$71 in Japan, but are often cheaper on the Western market so we’ll need to wait and see.

Pullips Callie & Cassie and Premium Pullip Monochrome Romantic Alice announced!

Wow! Next to the 19th Sailor Moon Pullip Sailor Star Healer that was announced earlier, Groove has just announced three new Pullip dolls for May!

Callie & Cassie

Pullip CallieFirst up we have two completely unexpected girls that have not been seen before! Callie (pink) and Cassie (blue) are twins and were designed in collaboration with Thai artists Happydolly / Memento. If you remember, these artists were also the designer of Isul Glen, and looking at these two girls we sure can see similarities in style. You can find them online on Facebook: Happydolly and Memento.

As Groove has announced, these two girls will be released at the same time but are seperate releases; you can either get both or just one. These girls really stand out because of their faceup: due to the large white dots on their eyes they have a very sweet look. Their wigs appear to be similar but the style is mirrored. The wig appears to be made of at least 2 different shades of brown/blonde, and maybe more.

Pullip Callie and Cassie wear similar outfits, but in different tones. Callie’s outfit is pink and she comes with a lovely pink head, bows for in her hair, a pink and white lace dress and cream lace vest. She comes with a cat-like bag which has a little eiffel tower charm.

CassiePullip Cassie is wearing a very similar outfit, except her main color is baby blue. There appear to be some differences in the outfits as well, though, as for example Cassie appears to lack the little ribbon in the front that Callie has but instead has lace on the top of her dress down the front. Also she does not come with a shoulder bag but instead with a handbag and a necklace which has a similar Eiffel Tower charm.

Both dolls will be available in May!

Premium Pullip Monochrome Romantic Alice

MonochromeRomanticAliceThe fourth (!) Pullip for May is the second Premium Pullip: Monochrome Romantic Alice. As you may know, there have already been two Romantic Alice releases: the original Romantic Alice and Romantic Alice Pink. Both of these releases were very sweet and featured romantic soft colors. It is interesting to see that Groove has decided to use black and grey tones for this release, as it gives the doll a tougher look.

Monochrome Romantic Alice has a light grey wavy wig in the same style as the original Romantic Alice. Her faceup is very similar with the distinct long eyelash on the sides of her eyes, but appears to have darker shades. Her eyes have three white dots which the original did not have, but the Pink version did. She also has blue eyes like the pink version (the original had brown eyes).

Apart from the color, her outfit is very similar to that of the original doll with the same bow on her head and charms on her skirt. Unlike the original, this release appears to come with a large piece of lace which can be used as a hairtie or headband. Her black dress can easily be worn without the apron and still looks very good.


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