Clothes review: Bella’s doll clothes

It’s time for a new doll clothes review! This time, we asked Silent Distraction if she wanted to write a little review about two dresses we saw her talk about on Facebook. Here’s what she had to say!

simplybellaPullip Home asked me if I’d like to talk about two new dresses that I’ve purchased recently from Bella’s doll clothes for their new review section. Of course I jumped at the chance to talk about this lady’s work. She has a Facebook page and sells her clothes on eBay. She does post outside of the UK, but buyers need to contact her first to figure out shipping.I placed my order and within two days the dresses arrived. They were nicely packaged inside a cellophane bag which was in a padded envelope.

First impressions did not leave me disappointed, they looked as beautiful as they did online. The fabric is of good quality and the stitching is extremely neat. Both dresses fasten with a thin strip of Velcro on the back. The skull dress is trimmed with some fancy lace.

simplybella2They fit well on a regular Pullip body but the seller also makes the same dresses to fit other sized dolls too if you need something bigger. The waist reminds of an empire line (it sits just under the bust). The length is average, not too short or too long. The top of the dress is lined inside which is a nice touch and leaves a very professional finish around the neck and arms.

I personally think that the dresses are quite versatile. Pullip, depending on what style of girl you’d choose could look very pretty and dainty in one of Bella’s creations but if you decided to put her in a jacket and boots she would definitely have a more edgy appearance!

simplybella3They are adorable and extremely good value for the money, they cost me £6.00 each and had free postage. Overall I’m really happy with them, they are a great addition to any Pullip’s wardrobe.



If you’re interested in purchasing a dress from Bella’s doll clothes, check them out here:




This review was written by Silent Distraction

Clothes review: Sucre Dolls

One of the things we’ve been wanting to add to the site for a while is reviews. Now, while doll reviews are great and we will most definitely add some to the site at some point, we wanted to expand beyond that. There are a lot of great sites and youtube channels that do doll reviews, so we went looking for something to add to that. We decided to do reviews of doll clothes and accessories made by enthusiasts and other companies. This way we hope to give collectors some idea of what’s out there and what they can expect when they buy from a certain (online) shops.

Sucre Dolls

sucredollsFor our first review, we decided to take some clothes Aienhime recently bought at Jolie Doll in Paris. Jolie Dolls sells clothes in their brick and mortar store made by French designers which often aren’t available online, so it’s a lot of fun to visit the store and to browse all the different clothes.

This outfit is made by Sucre Dolls and consists of a hat, top and white 3/4 pants. In the first photo it is worn by Pullip Ally on a type4 body, in the second by Pullip Kirsche on a SBH-s obitsu. The outfit fits well on both body types, but the top is a bit loose on the type 4. Even so it’s not so loose that it becomes troublesome or that it doesn’t fit right, so the outfit can be worn by either body type without much trouble.

All parts of the outfit are very well made. The pants are a bit simple, but sturdy and fit well without any loose threads. They fit well, but tight, so wearing socks underneath is not possible. As they are simple white pants it would be easy to combine them with another top and with different shoes, making them very versatile. They close in the back with velcro.

The top is pretty long and covers most of the top part of the pants. The fabric is very cute and has cartoon-style trees and horses on it. A little four-leaved clover charm features at the top giving the outfit a nice little extra touch. The top closes with velcro on the back. Like the pants, it’s quite possible to combine the top with different clothes like a skirt.

The top has a design that somehow reminds us of a chef’s hat a little bit: it is quite poofy at the top but the band around the dolls’ head is quite tight, making sure it stays in place properly. The hem is done in the same fabric as the top and features a little bow. The hat is what really makes this outfit stand out. It’s a real eye catcher and gives the outfit that something extra to make it less ordinary.

All in all this outfit is really well made and pretty versatile because it consists of three pieces that can work very well in combination with other clothes. The soft colors used give it a very sweet look and we’re sure it looks best on cute, candy-themed dolls. This outfit is great for beginning collectors as it allows you to mix and match, but more seasoned collectors will surely fall in love with it too!

Unfortunately we are currently not sure if Sucre Doll’s clothes can be purchased online or if she has a website, but some of her outfits have been available on Jolie Doll’s website at some point, so make sure to keep an eye out!

The lovely bag you see in the last photo is made by Cookie’s Fabrik and is not part of the outfit.

Make It Own Mocha review

mio (6 of 7)Today we bring our first (of hopefully many!) reviews to Pullip Home! During our giveaway we noticed a lot of our readers wanted us to add reviews to Pullip Home. While we currently do not have the means to review all dolls (or even all new dolls), we will try our best to add new reviews regularly. for now, we’d like to start with a review of a new product by Groove: The Make It Own Mocha skin!

What is it?

Make It Own kits are sets of unassembled Pullip bodies which have no faceup, clothes or even eye chips. These kits are very popular among customizers as they offer a cheap alternative to a full doll for customization purposes. Originally, only four colours were available: Pale, Fair, Natural and Tan. Make It Own (MIO) kits are available for Pullip, Dal, Taeyang and Isul.

Shortly after release many fans hoped that Groove would release different skin tones; the four available colors didn’t offer much variety and even the darkest tone (Tan) was not dark enough to resemble a darker skin color. Groove had released darker dolls in the past (the Another Alice series for example or Pullip Nahh Ato) which were very popular but unfortunately quite rare.

in a surprise move, Groove catered to their fans in early 2016 by releasing a fifth MIO skin color; Mocha. This color is very close to the color of Nahh Ato, a type 3 girl. No type 4 dolls had ever been made in this color. Currently only Pullip is available in Mocha.

The packaging

Make It Own MochaThe packaging of the Mocha skin tone is identical to that of the other MIO sets; a pink and white box with a black logo on the front. The color is only visible through the small box and on a sticker on the back.

The contents are packed just like the other MIO kits as well; different body pieces in different bags, tied to the cardboard by either tape or plastic wires. The packaging is adequate and will protect the contents properly, assuming you don’t handle the box too rough.

As with all MIO kits, there are no other accessories included, and no stand. She does come with some white eye chips like all MIO kits.

The color

Mocha and Fair skin tones
Mocha and Fair skin tones

The MIO Mocha skin tone is indeed quite a few shades darker than the other skin tones. It has a lovely warm brown color that is quite unique in the Pullip world. As we do not own a Nahh Ato we can’t tell if the color is indeed identical to hers, but based on photos it does look really close. It is lighter and warmer than Another Alice.

The color is distributed evenly all over the different pieces; there are no dark patches or parts with a different shade like Taeyang Captain Hook has. The color is not sprayed on but part of the plastic, giving it a natural look. The eye mechanism is white as with all dolls and the levers and eyelids are the same color as the body and head plates.

MIO Mocha and Another Alice
MIO Mocha and Another Alice

Of course, a downside of this unique color is that it’s going to be hard to replace her body if it breaks. There is no obitsu or Made to Move Barbie body available in this color (yet). The Obitsu Marrone color comes close to Nahh Ato, so it should also come close to this set, but that color seems hard to find and is no longer being made.

The quality & availability

The quality of this set is identical to that of other MIO sets and Pullip dolls. The pieces are packed properly and as this is basically a nude doll, you can expect the doll to have the same quality as you’re used to from Type 4 Pullips. The color is lovely, but as this set is quite new it’s unclear if the color will hold well over time. Based on previous Pullip releases we expect the color to hold well.

The Make it Own mocha skin color is available in almost all stores that sell MIO sets, but as of now we’re not sure if this is a limited release or that it will be available later on as well. MIO sets often sell out quick and Groove appears to make a limited quantity each time; we have to wait and see how this works out for the Mocha color.


The Pullip Make It Own Mocha skin set brings some much needed variety in Pullip skin tones. As most Pullip releases have a very white skin, it’s nice that it is now possible to make darker skinned dolls. We hope Groove will make a regular release in this color as well, as not everyone wants to customize their own dolls or has the time or patience to do so.

We’re glad to report that the quality of this set appears to be the same of all other releases and that they did not choose a cheap way out. We are not sure if other dolls of the Groove family will get a Mocha MIO as well (how lovely would a Mocha Isul be?), and in what quantity this set will be available. The Mocha set seems to sell out quite fast.

All in all, we’re very happy with this sudden and unexpected release. We can’t wait to see custom Pullips made in this lovely color!