Apologies for the silence!

Hi all!


First of all, I’d like to apologize for the silence the past year. Last year I got pregnant and suffered from terrible morning sickness, leaving me unable to do anything for a while. After the baby was born I didn’t have much time either for obvious reasons. Thankfully both the baby and me are fine and she’s been such a joy =)

With that out of the way I’d like to let you know I did not forget about Pullip Home. I still plan to continue  the site and after we move house in a month I hope to have more time to dedicate to the site. I hope to see you all soon here with fresh new updates!

Artist of the Month October 2016: Omocha Crush!

Hello everyone!

omochacrushOf course, now that we’re back with regular updates we are also slowly introducing our regular posts and features such as our Artist of the Month. For October, we found none other than Omocha Crush willing to answer a few of our questions!

Omocha Crush is known for her amazing youtube videos in which she reviews dolls, discusses them and gives tips. Want to get to know her a bit better? Don’t hesitate and visit the interview right away!

Two tutorials added!

Hi all!

naamloos-1We’ve added two tutorials to the site, both made by DoubleOtaku! The first tutorial is a crochet pattern with which you can make a Pullip shawl. This is our first crochet pattern and we hope you like it!

The second tutorial is something completely different: how to make your own dollhouse. For this tutorial you don’t need to be a carpenter, you can start with your own cupboard or shelves. This tutorial focuses on how to make proper walls. We plan on adding another tutorial focusing on decorations later.

Let us know if you like the tutorials and if you’ve used any of our tips, do share your experiences and tips!

Groove wants your opinion!

Pullip The RoseA little heads up about a poll Groove has posted over at Facebook! Apparently they are looking for input from Pullip fans and collectors about where to take the brand in the future. This is the perfect opportunity to give your opinion on what kind of dolls you’d like to see, so go ahead and fill in the form! The questions are in both Japanese and English.

Site updates!

Photo by Toshaka's_Pin
Photo by Toshaka’s_Pin

Hi all!

It’s time for another site update =) The past few weeks we’ve added quite some things to the site, including two tutorials on customizing!

The first tutorial is made by the lovely Mikiyochii, who wrote a tutorial on removing a doll’s face up for us! We’re very proud to feature a tutorial by this very talented artist!

Second we’ve added a little article on Pullip MIO kits, written for fans who are curious about these sets and want to know more before purchasing one.

Last, we’ve added quite some dolls to our database including the new Pullip The Rose, Sailor Star Fighter and Kiyomi Mint Ice Cream. Thanks to Livia Vi and Toshaka’s_Pin we managed to get a whole lot of pictures from older releases. We’ve added a few and will continue to do so the upcoming weeks as it’s too many to add all at once, but we’re very happy we can add some older girls!

Check back soon for more updates, and don’t forget to check out our first review of the Pullip Make It Own Mocha set!

Artist of the Month April 2016 – Sheryl Designs!

Capture4Our new Artist of the Month for April 2016 is no other than the amazing Sheryl Designs!

Sheryl Designs is a Spanish customizer who not only makes amazing Pullip customs, she also has collaborated with Groove and has designed no less than three official Pullip releases. We´re very honored to feature her as our Artist of the Month!

Head over to the interview to read all about this amazing artist!

Site updates!


It’s time for another site update as we’ve added quite some things to the site!

First up, we’ve added some new dolls to our database. To celebrate the release of Callie and Cassie, we have given priority to Glen and added him! Other dolls added are Alice Du Jardin (Mint), Lunatic Queen, Dilettante and the gorgeous Cinciallegra.

Second, we have added three new tutorials! The first two are part of the basics category and give you more information on Pullip eye chips and Pullip wigs. These guides are meant for people new to Pullip, but they might contain information useful to anyone! The final tutorial is a skirt sewing tutorial made by Chyntia! Go have a look, and if you do end up making the skirt we’d love to see it!!

Site updates!

Dall princess Small Lady
Photo by Pauleen Potter.

Good morning all!

We’re back with some regular website updates!

First off, we’ve added a long overdue wig removal tutorial. This tutorial was written months ago but we lacked the photos to add to it.

Second we’ve added a few dolls to our database, including the new My Melody x HEN-NAKO Pullip and the most recent Sailor Moon dolls!
We’re always looking for more photos so we can complete our database, so if you have a photo of a stock doll we don’t have featured yet, please contact us!

Also, if you haven’t already done so, this is the last week you can enter in our Facebook giveaway! If you’d like to have a chance of winning our Pullip care package, simply reply to the Facebook post letting us know what you’d like to see added to the site!