Welcome to the Pullip Home database! Here, you will find info on all releases in the Pullip Family. This database only uses owner photos of dolls, meaning we do not use promotional photos made by Groove. We want Pullip Home to be a site made by fans for fans, so we prefer to use photos by other Pullip fans (with their permission, obviously). Additionally, there already are a few Pullip lists/overviews out there that use the promotional photos, so we wanted to create something unique. Also, we feel some dolls ended up looking very different from their promotional photos, and we want to show you what the actual doll looks like.

Please note the database is still heavily under construction. We try to add new dolls on a frequent basis. We still need a lot of photos, so if you own a doll we do not have listed yet who is still in her/his stock outfit and wig and you’d like to share a photo, please let us know!