Pullip family


First Released: 2003portrait (1 of 1)
Pullip was the first doll of the Pullip family.


Photo by OllyChimera. Flickr | DA

First Released: 2004
Discontinued: 2005
Namu was Pullip’s first boyfriend. As he was not very popular, he and Pullip broke up in 2005.


First Released: 2006DSC_0029
Taeyang is Pullip’s second and current boyfriend. He uses the same body as Namu but has a different face sculpt.


First Released: 2006DSC_0159
Dal is Taeyang’s little sister


First Released: 2008DSC_3377
Byul is Dal’s friend from school. She uses the same body type as Dal, but has a different faceplate. Also, she’s the only member of the Pullip family who has bigger eyechips.


First Released: 2011DSC_1172
Isul is Pullip’s younger brother. He has his own body type.


First Released: 2013yeolume
Yeolume is Pullip’s future daughter and quite sweet. She is different from the other Pullip family dolls;
she was not released through Groove but directly through Ars Gratia Artis, Pullip’s designer. Her body is almost as big as Dal’s but it is very different. Instead of having points of articulation like the others, her body is bends sort of like Blythe dolls do. There is a wire inside her body which you can bend to give her a certain pose.
Only two Yeolume dolls have been released so far, and she appears to have been discontinued.