What is Pullip?

Pullip is a fashion doll for adult collectors, first released in 2003. bff (1 of 1)
While her body is 1/6th scale (about the same as Barbie), her head is much larger (1/3). Combined with her large eyes this gives her a very youthful complexion which might remind you of manga.

Pullip is a factory-made doll which allows her to be cheaper than, for example, Ball Jointed Dolls. As these are collector designer dolls, they are more expensive than playline dolls like Bratz and Barbie. New Pullips range in price from $80-$150. Every doll comes with an outfit, a stand for display purposes and a collectible card. A few dolls come with additional accessories as bags, toys or even furniture.

While all Pullip dolls have the same face model (mostly, see here [LINKS]), the different faceups give each doll a distinct personality! Each Pullip doll is representing a different theme.

Over the past 15 years, Pullip has been accompanied by other dolls like Dal, Taeyang and Namu. These dolls have different face molds and different bodies and represent friends, family or her boyfriend.