Where to buy Pullip

Where to buy Pullip dolls

Pullip dolls are available in a large selection of online and offline stores. This page is dedicated to reliable stores where you can buy Pullip dolls. The stores listed here have a good reputation and each has a distinct selection of dolls. Have fun browsing them and always make sure to read feedback before making a purchase!

Pullip online stores

Official groove store

JP Groove shop is the official store by Groove. This site is often very slow, but they sometimes have nice sales.


World of Pullip is another official store, this one by Ars Gratia Artis. This site is a bit faster than the JP Groove shop and is the home of the famous sample sales, where you can buy cheap Pullip dolls that were used in doll shows.

Pullip World

Pullip World is a relatively new online doll store located in Belgium. Due to low shipping this doll store is especially interesting for collectors living in BENELUX countries. They also have a real life store where you can browse pullip dolls and other Groove products at your leisure. They also have a selection of Pullip clothes and obitsu bodies.

Jolie Doll

Jolie Doll is a French Groove doll store which sells plenty of Pullip dolls. Also sells Pullip wigs, Pullip clothes and other supplies like Obitsu bodies and chairs.The store is slightly more expensive but cheap shipping within Europe makes up for this. Also has 3 real world stores in France, which we highly recommend.

Pullip Style

Pullip Style is a USA-based online doll store. Pullip Style sells all Groove dolls. This pullip shop has very reasonable prices for their dolls. As they are located in the US, however, shipping might be slightly high for non-US doll collectors.

Plastic Pop

Plasticpop is a German webshop, available in both German and English. This Pullip shop also sells Azone, Obitsu and some other doll lines as well as Pullip and other Groove Dolls. Slightly more expensive, but their shipping is lower for European collectors and it is a great advantage that they also sell obitsu and other accesories.

Pullip Asia

Pullip Asia is the authorized Pullip retailer in Malaysia and Singapore. Their online store is in English and they do ship worldwide.

Shimmering Magic

Shimmering Magic is a Dutch online store, which has a small selection of Pullip Dolls. Also sells Barbie.


Kilala is a Finnish Pullip store. They have a large selection of dolls and accessories from different brands like Obitsu and Leeke. Aside from Pullip dolls, they also seem to have loads of Kawaii products and anime figures.

Berry Dolls

Berry Dolls is a doll store located in Thailand. They have a large selection of Groove dolls, but also have a selection of Blythe, Furby, Obitsu and Pure Neemo dolls.

Pullip real world stores


Jolie Doll


Boutique Jolie Dollnew (1 of 1)-2
16, rue Jules-Vallès
75011 Paris
Tel :



Magma Heritage

http://www.magmaheritage.com/ Also sells Barbie and Blythe.

Magma Heritage Pte Ltd
82, Lorong 23 Geylang
#04-07, ATRIX
Singapore 388409
Tel:+65 6745 4991
Fax: +65 6842 2489


Other places to buy Pullip


Amazon is a large online store that also sells Pullip dolls. They sometimes have very good deals.


Ebay There are plenty of sellers on Ebay that sell Pullip dolls, and you might find rare dolls or secondhand dolls. Please note a lot of dolls are offered at very high prices on Ebay. Make sure to do your research before purchasing a doll to avoid paying too much for a doll!

Pullip Sales

Pullip Sales is a group on Facebook where people offer their secondhand Pullip dolls for sale. It’s a good place to look out for older dolls. Make sure to always check seller feedback!

Dolly Market

Dolly Market is a forum with a sales section, where you can buy (and sell) Pullip dolls, Pullip clothes and Pullip wigs. They also have sections for other dolls such as Blythe and BJD’s. It’s a great place to find older dolls or to find a good deal. Always make sure to check for feedback!


Places to buy accessories for Pullip

Generation Pullip

http://www.generationpullip.kingeshop.com/ French webshop with outfits for Pullip dolls.

Sugar Lattice

http://sugarlattice.storenvy.com/ Webshop for Pullip clothes and eyechips

Hello Coolcat

http://us.sk-coolcat.com/ Webshop for Pullip eyechips, shoes and accessories. They also have accounts on Ebay and Etsy.


http://www.etsy.com Large webstore for homemade items. Has lots of little shops for Pullip clothes, shoes and wigs.